Serving the Salisbury, NC and Rowan County Areas

Animals are such agreeable friends -
they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. 
~George Eliot
Latte Sweetie pie Pecan Simon
Twiggy Lady Major
Zoey Dudley Parker
Barb & Jenna Linky Sasha, Linus & Leo
Columbus Caleb Jenna
Rooster Cogburn & friends Traveler Sophie
Toez Maggie & Charlie Max
Nicole Bailey Sam
Adam & Eve George Latte
Roscoe P Coltrain Carly Lucy
Meow Bailey Grady
Miles Deliah Sampson
JD & Roscoe showing off their fall colors RIP Sprocket Miss Jessie
Levi RIP Big Boy Tyson Callie Jo
Cleo Sassy Biscuit
Masha Cleo & Jana WaWa
Bowser Sumo Bella
Cappuccino Jody Lucy
Jazmine Tiki Gus
Annie Milo Sophie
Sadie Dexter RIP Ike & Isabelle ♥
Molly Miss Kitty Bosch
Buddy TomTom Sheba
Maisey Eddie Grady
Charlie Teddi Goldie Meir
Penny Pipa Smores
Georgie RIP Miss Mocha Lil' Bit
RIP Little Miss Cocoa RIP Espresso ♥ RIP Maddie ♥
RIP Marley ♥ RIP JJ ♥ RIP Kiwi ♥
RIP Xena ♥ RIP ♥ Big Tyson