Services and Rates

  • Daily Drop-In
  • Visits for Feed/Watering your pet
  • Exercise/Play Time
  • Let Pet Outside
  • Bring pet in as Needed
  • Clean Ups
  • Bring in Mail/Newspaper
  • Water House Plants/Security Checks


Rates for Pet Sitting Services are $15 Per Visit*

(If Within 10 Miles Of My Home)

*Otherwise, Fee Will Be Based With Mileage Factor


Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting

  • The sitter is bonded and insured
  • The sitter provides references
  • The sitter has experience in caring for pets and is clearly mindful of their safety and well being.
  • The sitter visits the client’s home before the first pet sitting assignment to meet the pets and get detailed information about their care.
  • The sitter shows a positive attitude during the initial meeting and seems comfortable and competent in dealing with the animals.
  • The sitter wants to learn as much as possible about the animals in his or her care.
  • The sitter wants to learn as much as possible about the animals in his or her care.
  • The sitter provides a service contract which specifies services and fees.
  • the sitter is courteous, interested and well informed.
  • The sitter keeps regular office hours and answers client inquiries and complaints promptly.
  • The sitter provides a service rating form for clients
  • The sitter takes precautions to make sure a client’s absence from home is not detected because of any careless actions or disclosures by the sitter.
  • The sitter conducts business with honesty and integrity and observes all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to business operations and animal care.
  • The sitter has a veterinarian on call for emergency service.
  • The sitter has a contingency plan for pet care in case of inclement weather or personal illness.
  • The sitter service screens applicants for employment carefully.
  • The sitter calls to confirm or has the client call to confirm that the client has returned home.
  • the sitter refrains from criticizing competitors.
  • The sitting service provides initial and ongoing training for it’s sitters.
  • The sitter exhibits courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with staff, customers and industry colleagues so as to present the pet sitter and the pet sitting industry positively.